Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Style

I've collected a few things over the past few weeks to boost my style level abroad this summer.

I've read that women in France never wear sweats or exercise clothing...unless they are actually exercising.  But I don't think they ever exercise.  I think they are all genetically engineered to be smaller than a size 6 regardless of the amount of chocolate, wine, and fois gras they ingest.

Regardless, I am not taking a single stitch of work out clothing on this trip...

Instead I have found a few pieces I can't wait to wear while strolling in Les jardins suspendus de Marqueyssac or dining at Le Vieux Logis in Tremolat.

 It's Totally Fort Worth It polish from Opi

J 41 "Forest" Shoes on clearance at DSW

But the very best part is knowing that no matter whether I look stylish, or not...Cody will tell me I look beautiful.  And he will really mean it.  We will hold hands as we stroll those gardens.  We'll look into each other's eyes as we dine at restaurants.  We will explore this great adventure together as we celebrate 15 years of marriage.

I can't wait!


Rachel said...

Lovely choices! I am so excited for guys will have a wonderful time!

Lorna said...

And, yes, take your scarves. We saw them everywhere when we were over there!

Greta said...

So excited for you!!!!

Elaine Acosta said...

I also tried to amp up my style for our honeymoon in France. Not sure I succeeded but I digress... Yes, you and Cody will have an amazing time together! Bon voyage!