Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A List

This post is for Rachel, who really likes lists.

I've posted a lot of times about things I like, so why not do the opposite tonight?
Things I don't like:
1. meetings. booooorrr-innnnng. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person that does not want to beat an issue to death over the head by discussing every stupid nuance until we all might throw up. I'm not talking about fun meetings like book club. You know the kind of meeting I mean.
2. gory horror movies. I never want to see these. At all.
3. heavy metal music. It makes my brain tired because of the overwhelming barrage of clashing sounds that are all over the place. Not appealing.
4. direct sunlight. I am a cloudy day girl all the way. I really don't like to squint.
5. cotton candy. strange texture that just disappears in one's mouth without much flavor.
6. creaky floors. unfortunately, this house has quite a few creaky areas, especially upstairs, and especially after a lot of rain. I am trained to step over most of them, but some are unavoidable.
7. flying. It makes me nervous. I do it, and I am happy to be going somewhere. But, it is mentally exhausting for me to overcome my dread of this activity while I am in the process of doing it. And yes, I know it is irrational.

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Rachel said...

I am not a huge fan of meetings either although they are necessary sometimes. I secretly wish I was in charge so I could move things along when appropriate. I am also with you on the horror movies - not a fan. But I do like sunny days - a lot! I enjoyed reading your list!