Friday, June 1, 2007

Peanut Butter Cookies

When I think about making cookies, I never think I want peanut butter cookies. They just don't sound very appealing to me. That is, until Thursday evening. Suddenly, I was craving peanut butter cookies big time and just had to bake some. I even ate uncooked peanut butter cookie dough, and it was delicious! The cookies turned out so perfect, soft, and mouth-watering that I ate way too many. The secret to these may be the fact that they contain 2 sticks of butter! I got the recipe from the America's Test Kitchen Cookbook (my favorite.) I'll try to post it another time, probably on our new BAD Girl's Book Club recipe blog. That's right. We decided to create a forum where we could share the recipes from the great dinners we cook for eachother on meeting nights. Other good recipes are welcome also, which is where these cookies fit in. I am dying to get Steph's lasagna recipe. Do you hear me, girl?

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Dara said...

I love cookies! Definitely one of my most favorite desserts! I don't generally want peanut butter cookies either, but your description just made them sound so delicious. Any moist & chewy cookie will do for me. (of course minus the coconut!) I would love to try your tastey treats some time. Yum!