Monday, June 4, 2007

My Kids

Princess, dress-up, ballet dancing
Loving, learning, twirling, prancing
Little mother, sweet and smart
A girl right after her Mama's heart

Constant motion, climbing, falling
Trucks, cars, buttons, basket-balling
Rough and tumble with a sensitive side
Can you feel your Mama's pride?

Sleeping, crying, contented sighs
peach-fuzz hair and thunder thighs
Soft and gentle, brown eyes wide
Treasures that Mama stores up inside.


Elaine said...

beautiful picture
beautiful words :-)

Rachel said...

What a sweet poem!

irene said...

so very sweet. it's perfect! my favorite part is "thunder thighs" :D

Lynn said...

A woman of many talents including writing poetry? What a sweet poem.
Hope the kids have a fun trip and you enjoy the time as well.

Quad Squad! said...

Beautiful poem, Becky! Jim told me about it first, as he is now apparently a daily reader of your blog. He went on and on about how much he liked it! And I love it too!

Dara said...

Just precious! What special words for your kids to treasure for always!

Steve said...

Such talent! Your kiddos will treasure that always. Love reading your blog...I have no kids and no time for blog and you have 3 and blog just about every day. Very cool! :) ~ Renae Cates