Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Story

Ava writes lots of stories as part of her schoolwork. My mother-in-law and I were talking today about how we don't remember doing any story writing when we were in Kindergarten. I reminded her that everything has moved up now. I don't know when it happened exactly, but things that were taught in first grade are now Kindergarten material.

Anyway, today in Ava's take home folder was her most recent story. At the top of the page is a cute hand-drawn picture of a girl in a pink dress. Her hair is in pigtails, and she is standing near a tree and a flower. The entire background is colored blue, as Ava prefers to leave no white on the page. Under the picture, the story begins. I'll type it here for you, with spelling and punctuation uncorrected. Watch out though! This story contains a few unexpected plot lines.

"It was a lovely day in the villge. So preaty that all the babys wiggle out of their mommies! It was spring! I like spring becase the easter Bunny comes! All the babys wiggle out of mommies! They still cant walk yet. I think they will grow up to be great!"

Apparently, Ava really likes exclamation points...and birth....and the Easter Bunny. And somehow all of those things are related in the big scheme of things.


Elaine said...

thats great =) what an awesome imagination!

Lindsay said...

Now that is an awesome story. I love how the babies continue to wiggle out of their mommies. Too cute!

Carol said...

AWWWWWW ......can't wait to see her picture and for her to tell me about it. And wonder what the Easter Bunny will bring.....Spring is not my favorite time of year because that means hot dry summer is close, but I do love seeing green again and the flowers. Especially through the eyes of the grands.