Saturday, December 19, 2009


Meet Stormcloud.

Stormcloud is a class pet in Lucas' 2 year old class at preschool. We're just keeping him over Christmas break. I try to remind myself that this poor bird is usually stuck in a room with a half dozen 2 year olds, and therefore the chaos and noise of our house can't be too much more damaging. As you can see, he is very popular with the kids.

We are supposed to take him out of the cage every once and a while and talk to him. I'm not sure if we're technically supposed to let the kids hold him, but they have been bugging us about it non-stop so we gave in. Nate's turn was so successful that it fooled us into thinking Ava would be fine as well. Instead, Ava screamed and pulled her hand away as Cody tried to set the bird on her fingers. It's too sharp!!! she screamed and cried as the bird then flew haphazardly into a wall hectically flapping its wings until Cody could grab it again.

We gave it another try on another day, and remembered to use some protective clothing to minimize the feel of the bird's claws. That made everyone much happier. Hey, remember when Stormcloud flew splat into the wall? Nate piped up, eager to relive what must have been a thrilling experience for him. Thankfully, that didn't happen again.

Even little Lucas got a turn holding the bird. I'm not sure if Christmas will be able to cause bigger smiles on the faces of my children. They love having Stormcloud around.

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carrie said...

Maybe a pet bird is in your future.