Thursday, June 24, 2010


Some of you reading this have already heard me rant once about a song I heard while shopping at Dollar Tree about a month ago. I was shopping without the kids when an outrageously obscene song came on in the store. I was shocked at the lyrics, and assumed some teen in charge of the store had let it play. I didn't say anything to anyone at the store at the time.

The song I am talking about is called Jane Fonda by Mickey Avalon. And I'm putting a link here to the lyrics, but let me warn you: it is nothing but filth. I count three outright curse words in the course of the song, not to mention the constant references to booties, breasts, and incest. The main theme of the song is the size of different girls' rear ends. I'm telling you- it's completely inappropriate to play in a store.

So today I took the kids to Dollar Tree to let them each choose one toy and can you believe that same song I heard a month ago comes on again!! I immediately walked to the front and asked for a manager. When the lady came out I asked her if she could hear the lyrics of the song that was playing. She was apologetic and said she also hated that song, but (GET THIS) she has no control over the music because it is chosen by corporate. She is required to play the music they provide and cannot turn it off. She asked me if I wanted a number I could call and of course I did.

I am appalled that a corporate headquarters can approve such foul music for their stores. People, I love the Dollar Tree, but there is no way I am ever shopping there again if it means exposing my children to filthy language and songs about booties.

I called the number she gave me and left a voicemail complaint. Supposedly, I'll get a call back from a district manager or something. I have no idea what they can even say about it.

I want to encourage anyone else who feels outraged about this music being played in a store where children regularly shop to call the Dollar Tree headquarters at 1-757-321-5000. They'll ask for the store number which is 1137. I don't care if you weren't actually in there to hear it for yourself, you can take this story and any outrage you feel and let the company know that they are making terrible choices.

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Lynn Leaming said...

I commend you for not just leaving the store and taking a stand Becky! It takes courage to stand up for what is right, but it is easier when you are doing it to protect children!