Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Library Love

I love the library. My kids love the library. In fact, at the top of Ava's Christmas list (she's getting an early start) is "my very own library card." She's been wanting one for some time, so I decided to have Christmas in July and get her a card. I also got one for Nate, but poor Lucas is going to have to wait until he's a bit older.

Ava and Nate are cherishing their cards, storing them in a special cabinet at home where they (hopefully) will never get lost, and checking out their pile of books under their own name.

My concern was about keeping track of all the materials we have checked out. I look up my own account online, but didn't want to have to check 3 different accounts to see all the items. The helpful lady at the library told me about and I am so glad she did! is one of the most helpful sites I've ever used. It's not associated with only my city's library, but with libraries all over the US. After setting up an account, I added all 3 of our library card numbers and now I can see an overview of all our library activity on one page. I could link any cards I happen to have from any participating library (but I only have cards at the one.) I can immediately see all items we have out, when they are due, items on hold and what number I am in line, and overdue items. Each item has either my name or one of the kids' names depending on which account checked it out, but all are listed together. Plus it will send me an email the day before an item is due (that setting is adjustable.)

Thank goodness for websites that can keep me organized! I need all the help I can get...


Brandy said...

Phillip begged me for a library card this summer so he 'could feel more grown up.' I got both Derek and him one but they are linked with mine. We are only allowed 20 books per family no matter how we divide them up. We get email notifications from our library several days before they are due.

Jenni said...

I love libraryelf as well....keeps me out of trouble!