Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mad at Myself

A few months ago I read an article online about a giant fare sale going on at American Airlines. One of the special deals was on flights to NYC. I've always wanted to see that place, and these flights were so cheap. I scrambled to arrange for the in-laws to watch the kids and booked a trip!

I scored a fabulous deal on the airfare and almost booked a hotel at the same time, but ended up not doing it. I decided to wait and see more of what was available before committing to a hotel. That was a big mistake. I've been checking every now and then since that day and have never seen anything even close to the great hotel deal I passed by. I wish so much that I had just gone ahead and booked that hotel back then.

Now our travel dates are getting closer and closer, and I still haven't booked a hotel. Nothing seems just right. I've checked all the major discount sites that I know of, to no avail. I am so excited about this trip, but I am also feeling pressure to find a great place to stay.

Has anyone ever used the mystery hotel feature on travelocity or the name your own price feature on hotwire? I am a bit wary, but it looks like it could be a good deal.


Lynn Leaming said...

I have used the "name your own price" on Priceline. You can designate what "star" level you want and what area of town. The three times I have used it I have gotten 4 Star hotels for $50.00 a night. 2 were Hyatt's and one was a Mariott. Good luck!

Krystal said...
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Krystal said...

I wouldn't use these sites in New York unless you're going to specify a 4-5 star hotel. There are so many place that might be considered a 2-3 star, but are dumps. You might try