Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Official

I guess I am officially a runner since I just got a subscription to Runner's World magazine.
Who knows how much I will get out of it since I am not the hard-core runner I imagine they cater to most. But maybe I will find some of the articles informative and interesting.

Since I haven't updated about running in a while...I'll say that things are going fine. I have not run as much during the month of August as in previous months. That is probably because the average temperature is 675 degrees. I can and still do run some at the recreation center, but the treadmill is not my preference.

The weight continues to fall off as I am now down a total of 15 pounds. I was aided in the loss of the most recent 5 pounds by falling ill for 48 hours. I thought for sure I would gain it back, but I didn't. Maybe I was already down some because of running and just hadn't noticed it yet. I don't weigh all that often, so it's possible.

Karen and I are signed up for a "Hobble Gobble" in November. I also recently discovered a local high school spirit run the week before our turkey run that I'd like to do. So November is shaping up to be a busy race month. We'll be running a 5K in Chicago in October that I am really excited about, too. When I say "race month" I technically mean "event month" since racing is much too fast of a term to describe my running style.

I can't wait for the fall. Not only will the temps drop, but I'll get to wear the adorable new black UT running pants and shirt Karen gave me for my birthday.

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Quad Squad! said...

I didn't realize you were a Vols fan! Haha!