Saturday, August 21, 2010

Strange Feeling

As I walked through the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, I kept having this strange feeling. It's hard to believe that the canvases on the wall are the real one of a kind pieces famous artists created. They labored over those canvases, touching them with their hands and paint. I've seen them reproduced so often in books, online, all over the place, that I kind of forget that there really is just one painting that hangs in one place on the planet and only a person standing right where I was standing can look at it in real life. In fact, sometimes I was the only person looking at a certain painting like Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Cypresses. Then I would think, I am the only person in the universe looking at this famous painting right now. It only truly exists for me right at this moment. It seems a little silly when I try to write it out. I guess it just blows my mind to see something right in front of my nose that I have known about and seen for so long, but had never seen for myself. It really makes each masterpiece seem like a treasure.

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