Friday, December 30, 2011

Camera Fun

I got two fun camera accessories this Christmas. I have been playing with them a lot! The first was a fisheye lens Cody thought I would enjoy. It's really cool because it has a macro lens as part of it. You can remove the fisheye and use the macro alone, or use them together. They screw onto the end of my usual camera lens. I am totally clueless about how to use this fisheye lens but that didn't stop me from trying. If anyone has some tips on how to use this kind of lens please feel free to enlighten me...I've been scouring the web for information as well.

First I played with the fisheye lens at my in-laws' house. What is so neat about it is that, for example, in this tree photo below I am holding the camera literally an inch from the tree, but it captures so much more than the tree.

By the way, is that not the coolest gingerbread creation ever? Cody's mom has a dear friend who creates a gingerbread works of art as a gift every year. I have seen all kinds of amazing creations over the past 15 years...I can't begin to tell you how cool they have all been. This year she made a row of townhouses that's about a foot tall and 2 feet across. And of course it isn't curved as the fisheye lens makes it appear, but that lens does get it all into the frame like nobody's business.

I continued playing with the fisheye lens on an impromptu camping trip we took this week. We had the most beautiful campsite next to a lake...more on that to come!

My other fun new accessory is a tripod! I set about capturing the sunset at the lake and can't wait to try other shots that require long exposures. This is going to be fun. Oh, and it will come in handy for getting group shots of the that mustache shot I mentioned earlier. I need to get on that.

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Rachel said...

Cool! Those are great gifts and definitely fun to experiment with!