Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend in Review

What a weekend!

Saturday is easy to report about:  we spent the whole day at Hawaiian Falls.  It was fun, but please remind me to never go to a water park on a Saturday again.  It was packed!

Sunday we met Cody's parents for my birthday lunch (which was great!), then we all went our separate ways!  Cody left on a business trip, the kids went with their grandparents, and I headed out to meet a friend of mine who had flown in from Pennsylvania and hang out with her for 2 days!  We stayed in a hotel right by the Galleria.

YES, I got to hang out with a girlfriend for TWO days while my kids stayed at Cody's parents.  I have amazing in-laws.  That wasn't even their birthday present for me (which it totally could have been because it was so wonderful...)

My friend really enjoys two things: shopping and eating.  This means we get along really well.  We walked around the Galleria for a while then we drove to NorthPark.  I used a gift card Cody gave me for my birthday to buy new perfume.  I am super picky about scents.  It's almost impossible to please me.  95% of all cologne I pick up to smell absolutely disgusts me.  But I did happen across something lovely.  Interestingly, the cologne I just ran out of was Bvlgari, and the new cologne I found is by the same maker, but with a twist...it's white tea!  That night, we dined at Houston's.  Oh how I love some Thai Steak & Noodle Salad.

The next day we drove to the Bishop Arts district for some serious shopping.  Disappointingly, but luckily for our wallets, half the shops were closed.  Curse you, Monday!  Instead of being too sad about it, we just went extra crazy in the shops that were open.  There is an adorable children's boutique there with a great sale rack where I found all kinds of cute gifts.  We had luck in almost every shop that was open.  We stopped for lunch at Hattie's, which is a favorite of mine.  As my eyes scanned the menu, I spotted the most unusual sandwich I had ever heard of.  I decided in a split second I must order the Fried Green Tomato, Pimento Cheese, and Bacon on Sourdough.  What a concoction!  It tasted sooooooo good.

We hit a few boutique shops around Highland Park after that.  That area is so hit and miss for me.  Some of the shops are truly cute and affordable, but mostly it is way overpriced.  It's fun to look though, and people watch!

Then, my friend took me to Drybar as her birthday present to me.  I've had my hair straightened twice in my life.  (Both times by well-meaning friends who tried awfully hard and produced mediocre results.)  I wasn't even sure my hair could be straightened...but I can put aside all doubts for good now.  The people at Drybar really know what they are doing.

Um, wow?  I love feeling like a totally different person...it's exciting!  At $35 a pop this isn't something I'll do all the time, but I will definitely be back (especially when it's not as humid).  It was so much fun!

After we had our hair done we checked out Private Social, a restaurant my friend wanted to try.  I think it's fairly new and is run by a former Top Chef winner.  If you want to eat there, hurry, because I don't see it lasting long here in Dallas where there are just so many great options for dining.  It was a decent place, but can't compete with similar upscale restaurants.

My friend and I had so much fun this weekend.  I dropped her at the airport then picked up my sweet kiddos.  I had missed them.  As we drove home, I was feeling sleepy, and one of my contacts was bugging me. We finally arrived, I grabbed my stuff out of the car, ran inside, dumped it in the floor of my room, turned to go in the bathroom to rip my contact out when I saw this...

Well dang if my bathroom mirror had not fallen off the wall and made a huge mess while I was away.  And yes, I know I have way too much crap on my counter.  Maybe it slowed the mirror slightly as it crashed to the ground.  I bet it made a terrible noise.  I know it made a terrible mess.  Guess we will be cleaning up broken glass tonight.  But that's ok...I'm just glad to be home.

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Rachel said...

What an absolute treat to get a weekend like that! So fun! You're right...it would make a great gift! You hair looked awesome! For the record, I love it curly, but it is always fun to do something different every once in a while! Sorry about the mirror.